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How to get to Voneten Guesthouse

☆ Transportation to the island ☆

Please visit Izu Oshima Island by boat or plane.


Ultrafast boat jetfoil

(from Tokyo Takeshiba ~ 1 hour 45 minutes)
(from Atami ~ 45 minutes)

large cruise ship, Kameriamaru or  Sarubia Maru

(Tokyo Takeshiba ~ To Oshima 8 hours return 4 hours)

Please see Tokai Kisen for more details


New Central Airservice (35 minutes from Chofu)

☆ means of transport within the island ☆

To travel within the island, rental car or bus is recommended.

Distance is around50 kms if you drive around the island,
driving slowly by car, it takes about one hour.

Bicycle / motorcycle is also nice to go around the area.


Oshima bus (regular sightseeing bus / route bus)

<Rental Car>

For car rental please make a reservation in advance.

Mobile Car Rental (04992-2-5454)

Cheapest in the island! ! ☆ Recommended

Motomachi Car Rental (04992-2 - 3172)

Toyota Rental Car (04992-2-1611)

Ocean Car Rental (04992-2-2740)

Izu Oshima Rental Car (04992-2-2691)

Amamiya car rental car (04992-2-2166)

<Bicycle rental / bike>

Asahi Bicycle Cycle (Cycle 04992-2-8407 Bike 04992-2-8344)

Marukubu bicycle rental cycle (cycle · bike 04992-2-3317)

Rumble bicycle cycle (cycle 04992-2 - 3398)