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☆ Voneten Cafe Menu ☆

Voneten cafe offers "Taiyaki" -Japanese traditional sweets-.

Voneten cafe is place where everybody can relax, not only People in Oshima island, but also tourist who got to know this place by word of mouth.

"Café Business Hour"

11:00 - 17:00
Closed on Monday, Tuesday

☆ Taiyaki ☆

Taiyaki will be baked once we get order so that people can enjoy freshly baked Taiyaki.

Our Taiyaki uses local salt, milk and eggs.

Grained Red Beans 160 yen

Seasonal Flavors 170 yen

Custard Cream 170 yen

Chocolate 170 yen

Ham Cheese Mayonnaise 230yen

Enzyme Brown Rice Tomato Risotto 280 yen

Plain 110 yen

☆ Ashitaba Taiyaki ☆

This used to be summer only seasonal menu, but since this menu was popular, we are serving this throughout the year.

This Taiyaki dough is made of local Oshima milk and Angelica keiskei. 

Once you bite, it is chewy like rice cake.

Hemp Seed Nuts Chocolate 240 yen

Blueberry Cheese Cream 240 yen

Banana Custard Cream 240 yen

Apple Custard 240 yen

※ We also have daily special flavors

☆ Crushed Ice ☆

Summer season only (from May to October) Voneten Special Crushed Ice !!

High quality crushed ice will be completed with our original syrup. (Homemade base syrup and Monin syrup mixed)

Our condensed milk is also homemade using local Oshima milk.

Oshima Condensed Milk 450 yen

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) and Red Beans 550 yen

Special Strawberry Milk 600 yen

Special Mango Milk 600 yen

Strawberry / Lemon / Bluehawaii /

Coconuts Milk / Watermelon /

           Mango / Peach / Red Beans  400 yen 

Oshima homemade condensed milk  100 yen (As additional Topping)

☆ Drink & Food ☆

Coffee 450 yen

Café au lait 500 yen

Hot Chocolate 500 yen

Chai 550 yen

Ashitaba (Angelica keiskei) au lait¥ 550

Oshima milk 350 yen

WILKINSON Ginger Ale 150 yen

Orange Juice 150 yen

Cider 150 yen

Asahi Superdry (large bottle) 600 yen

Ebisu Beer White / black (small bottle) 450 yen

Bon Junmai Daiginjo (300ml) 1000 yen

Dassai  Junmai Daiginjo (180ml) 1000 yen